Polypropylene Sand Bags Bulk

We are manufacturer and wholesaler of polypropylene sand bags.

These Sand-Bags are non-laminated PP sand bags and available with or without a strap. We supply sand bags with outer and inner lining which help to protect the material from leakage.
These sand bags produce using high grade raw material and with high Denier GSM that help to carry the appropriate weight.

We manufacture the bags in a different design, size & color options. Also, we offer customization service to satisfy the needs of the customer.

We offer the liner inside the bag or separately with or without bottom stitch.
It’s available with tie-string or tie cord and many colors like in tan, white, beige, orange, green, and other customs colors.

These bags used for various applications such as flood control, erosion control, construction sites, pipelines, oil field drilling, military fortification,
development of roads, traffic and road signs etc.

Key Features:

  • Water & moisture resistant
  • Tear resistant
  • Light weight
  • Non-scratch property
  • Tie-string or Tie cord (rope) for the closure of the bag


  • Factory direct prices
  • Large production capacity
  • Customized production (any size, color, GSM)

Please contact us to know more about our production capacities and capabilities of PP woven sand bags.

Contact: Mr. Jayesh Patel, Marketing Head – Export Department.
Phone: +91 8469883488
Email: finox.bags@gmail.com

We look forward to being your reliable business partner.

polypropylene woven sand bags
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